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Kickstart your online sales with a web shop tailored to your business. Discover how we can help you to craft intuitive online shopping experiences

Corporate CMS

Online presence is underrated. We believe a solid corporate website is key for every business! Why? Because it is an extension of your company brand image online.

Web platform

Are you sitting on top of a deliberate digital business idea and are you looking for a partner to commercialize your validated concept? Let us guide you along the road from ideation to delivery.

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Who are we?

Dynamitt is an experienced team of full stack developers, IT project managers and product owners located in several countries across Europe. Our headquarters are located in Antwerp, Belgium from where all the operations are coordinated. The Dynamitt Development team specializes in web development and is an expert partner for custom made websites, platforms and online stores. 

Dynamitt is part of the Road21 family. Road21 is an eco-system providing its companies and entrepreneurs with access to innovation funding, technology resources, a large network and hands-on support to accelerate their growth.


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